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Karr Wedding

Quick previews, part 9 of 10 = more reception photos


All photos by Doug

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August 2012 wedding

 This is just a brief sampling of 900 photos taken at the event.

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What a ring photo! Sparkle on bride's diamond comes from a cross-star filter on the camera lens. Not a digital effect.
The ring photo was taken at the head table just before the champagne glasses picture was taken.



Groom's dad likes the girl

Love this picture. Think Matt has cake in his mouth.

Matt and his mother Lauri

Groom's dad likes the girl (again)

Groom's dad likes the girl (again)

Putting the bride's sister to work delivering cake to guests




Bride and her brother

Bride and her other brother


Photo above: single girls gather in a group before boquet toss.


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